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“TFS” provides all of the tools necessary for motor carriers, and brokers to be successful by:

     1. Designing a business plan that addresses and meet the needs of shippers and motor carriers.
     2. Instant credibility with Guaranteed Factor Referral regardless of FICO.
     3. Establishing your own brand with the development of Four (4) page professional website
     4. Providing Twenty-four (24) hour consultation always with a live manager and consultant

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Broker Training Program and Certification $399 (Buy now and receive 20% off)
      1. One on One Consultation.
      2. All Forms, Contracts and Agreements.
      3. Assistance in procuring government contracts.
      4. Support with contacting and dealing with shippers.
      5. 150 broker training videos.

4 Page Professional Starter Website $150 (Buy now 20% off limited time offer

Guaranteed Factor Referral with top billing at DAT Express Loadboard.

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