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  • I didn’t know closed trailers could protect from the elements. That’s something to consider if moving an expensive vehicle. You can trust transports; truckers require special licensing to drive heavy haulage vehicles.

  • I like that you mentioned the shipping and payment that is part of the process. This is a great thing to have insight into to make sure that your delivery is done right. My uncle looking into heavy haulage transport would love knowing this.

  • Before I read this article, I also didn’t know that closed trailers were much harder to work with. If I was moving a super expensive car I would probably use it. I like that the closed trailer will protect the car much better.

  • These steps really defines the pros and cons of shipping a car. After reading this article I know more about the shipping of a car or truck. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing this article, this really increase my knowledge for shipping a car. Car transportation process really needs professionals and this post is helpful in choosing experts. Keep up the good work.

  • Yes Michael i agree with you, the enclosed trailers are harder to work with but the car is very protected especially if you are transporting an expensive car like you just said Thanks for sharing appreciated.

  • Thanks for sharing this useful and informative post. This really my knowledge about car transportation. Keep up the good work.

  • Amazing post! You define these pros and cons of shipping a car or truck very well. Thanks for sharing these useful tips and good luck for more amazing work.

  • Amazing post! Thanks for sharing.